Blue Energy Healing

Working with energy – Everything is energy.

Meet Paul , Energy Healer at MedSpa Ibiza

A session with me

At the beginning of each session there is time to check in and for me to find out how you feel and what may have been coming up recently, more often than not specifically what has happened in the last twenty four hours.

Sessions last forty five minutes but can sometime go longer depending on where I am guided to go and for how long on each body section.

I channel blue healing energy which when directed into varying body parts allows old memories, usually from the hidden unconscious memory, to be revisited, sometimes seen and transmuted or healed. Clients will often experience changes in heat, yawning, movement, tears and occasionally anger. All emotions are welcome and allowed as in the safe space that is provided, they are finally released.

Clients will often feel extremely tired or relaxed after as session as “stuff” that has been held for so long is removed or allowed to move on. The sessions, through the energy challenged, provide a space to let go of blocks that have been holding us back or preventing us to being our true self. You will feel different.

Healing yourself

It is important after a session that the healing work continues and I therefore guide you into taking up a daily meditation practice with ongoing mentoring –  for it is from within that we can truly see who we are as well as way to heal the wounds of past. I truly believe that we are able to heal ourselves from past trauma and physical body pain once internal energy blocks are seen and /or removed.  The awareness of the tucked away suppressed feelings and emotions is enough to start the healing journey. Our outward life journey is reflective of what is going on inside. Heal the inside and everything will start to fall in place, magic truly begins to happen.

I advise and offer two weekly half hour check-in sessions whereby we go over your meditation practise and what is coming up. At these discussions I am able to channel suggestions for you to consider and possibly to implement.

Follow up

A month after your initial blue energy healing you are able to return for another deeper session. This healing is now aided by your own meditation practise and the stillness and insights you have discovered.

My service to others

I am guided as an energy healer to help people overcome blocks from their earlier life and to enable them to see their own truth. This in turn enables them to go on to lead not only fulfilling and beautiful lives but also to assist all those around them. Where maybe there was once sadness, disconnection and pain there is now light, a glowing future and space for love to blossom. People truly to learn to love themselves and others.

Energetic wounds

Throughout our life there are numerous times when our emotions and feelings have been suppressed or repressed and these then become locked away in our energy body. These are often then hidden away in our subconscious mind and forgotten about. Heavy trauma, especially from childhood, is often tucked away and left and very often not revisited or just ignored. This leads to energy wounding within ourselves. These wounds, often later in life, then become triggers and often lead us to behave in detrimental and what can often seem strange ways to both ourselves  and any observer. These wounds will often affect how we treat ourselves (often without kindness) and others who come along and trigger us. This energy or trauma wounds will also attract people into our life who replicate what happened to us in an early period of life. Often an abusive childhood experience will attract and allow another abusive (physical, vocal, mental etc) people later into our life .This is reflected in the old phrase of “like attracts like”. It can also lead to one expressing their wounds and pain onto others with no real reason and without thought. A journey into healing the emotional body starts with learning to love ourselves and channelled energy can aid in this process by removing the unseen parts which are stopping us from this path. It is a path of love.