Product focus: Mesoestetic Energy C

We all remember our mothers plying us with Vitamin C when winter came around but few of us realised what a gift it was for our skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that provides deep cellular protection from free radicals (those annoying molecules that age our skins prematurely). Free radicals form under various circumstances and one of the most prevalent is via environmental factors such as sun damage and pollution. Adding a topical vitamin C treatment to your skin care routine reduces the appearance of sunspots, boosts collagen creating firmer skin, reduces inflammation, breakouts, and redness and increases the effectiveness of sunscreens.

Mesoestetic is famous for taking the science of the skincare lab into the real world. The Energy C range is a cosmeceutical line designed to treat the signs of ageing using the natural properties of Vitamin C using a twofold antioxidant action that neutralises free radicals and regenerates cell membranes. The anti inflammatory properties of the UVA and UVB photoprotector reduces post sun stress (critical for life in Ibiza) while also brightening, toning, improving pigment and preventing the formation of blemishes. Add in support for collagen production and skin is left feeling bright, firm and glowing.

One of the most requested products in the range is the Energy C Intensive Cream: a brightening formulation containing a high concentration of stable vitamin C, oslift (obtained from oats) and vitamin E. It unifies tone and texture counteracting the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Active ingredients provide hydration and decrease wrinkles and expression lines leaving you with brighter, firmer and happier skin. Mesoestetic Energy C is available at MedSpa Ibiza and is the perfect complement to your professional grade treatments.