Featured treatment: Acudetox

MedSpa Ibiza has a very simple ethos: bringing wellness and wellbeing to Ibiza via tried and tested therapies and products. The clinic’s quest to help people feel and look their very best means founder Nina Peter-Väth is constantly researching the latest technologies, techniques and treatments to ensure her clients are getting a state-of-the-art experience. After appreciating first hand the incredible benefits of Acudetox, Nina made it her mission to involve its originator, Katherine Berry, in the MedSpa Ibiza team here in Ibiza.

After studying Chinese medicine in both Australia and China, Katherine began researching how the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction could be ameliorated via traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. From this starting point she began to develop what became Acudetox, now used to treat many conditions and as a method to maintain general health.

Acudetox is a combination of acupuncture, cupping and TuiNa massage. The process has been designed to utilise the complex system of channels that run throughout the body. Applying TuiNa massage allows Katherine to gather a huge amount of diagnostic information, which directs the next stages of the treatment. The preliminary massage allows her to read the areas of the body and corresponding organs and systems: where there is inflammation, tightness or tension and what effect those issues are having on overall wellness.

Katherine then chooses an acupuncture and cupping pathway that suits the needs of the client and their body. She is able to pinpoint certain organs, systems and pain centres with acupuncture while cupping acts as a way to bring toxins and pathogens to the surface promoting good circulation and letting the body detox naturally.

Acudetox at MedSpa Ibiza can be utilised to treat specific issues from chronic pain, depression, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and many other serious conditions. But it should not be overlooked as a way to maintain general health and wellbeing. Even healthy people will benefit from regular treatments for promoting immune responses, energy production and overall good health.