Benefits of IV vitamin therapy

Cocktail anyone? It’s a phrase you’ll hear often as you traipse around Ibiza working, having fun or both. But after all the mojitos, brambles, margaritas and martinis, the one cocktail you should be thinking about is the Myers’ Cocktail.

No, it’s not the new whizz bang drink created by a tattooed mixologist in the labs of Ibiza (otherwise known as bars). The Myers’ Cocktail was invented by Dr. John Myers of Baltimore as a way to treat many of his patients who were suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, weakened immune systems and other persistent conditions. It was a mix of essential nutrients and vitamins injected directly into the blood stream via a slow push IV. He became somewhat of a miracle doctor in his hometown and upon his death in 1984, his patients started to seek out treatments elsewhere. This is when the science of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy really started to take hold, as other physicians began to investigate the benefits of IV vitamin therapy, creating bespoke formulas to treat individual patients.

Supporting the body’s natural systems is critical for maintaining good health and protecting against illness. Combine busy lifestyles with the environmental impact of toxic materials and you have a recipe for feeling low or even for disease. IV vitamin therapy is an efficient and safe way to put back in what gets taken out on a daily basis. It’s simple, rapid and very effective.

MedSpa Ibiza exclusively offers the highly regarded Vitamindrip range of therapies in the Marina Botafoch clinic or at your villa, hotel or boat. After a consultation to determine your needs, your clinician will talk you through the various available formulas. The three basic formulas are designed to treat common complaints. Vitamindrip Energy is great for reviving and getting your mojo back, Vitamindrip Hydration is effective in rehydrating both inside and out leaving you glowing, while Vitamindrip Recovery is perfect for periods of intense stress or recuperating from injury. Each treatment can be personalised via additional formulas such as Mood Support, Brain Health, Athletic Performance, Diet and Detox, Aches and Pains, and Rejuvenation.

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