Product focus: mesoestetic Post Peel Crystal Fibre Mask

While occasionally neglected, after care is just as important as any clinical procedure itself. There is no point spending time on deep, penetrating treatments and therapy without following a careful and personally calibrated aftercare treatment plan. At MedSpa Ibiza, we are passionate about creating holistic and long lasting skincare routines for our clients so that they can confidently continue to benefit and see results long after they’ve walked out of the clinic doors.

The mesoestetic Post Peel Crystal Fibre Mask was designed as a professional treatment for use after a peel. However, it is simple enough to use at home and is the perfect complement to any skin care routine providing a deeply hydrating experience.

Each cell has a barrier around it made up of lipids that create a thin membrane to keep ions, proteins and other molecules where they should be preventing them from diffusing to other areas. Put simply, the lipid layer protects cells. The post peel crystal fibre mask restructures the hydro-lipidic layer and increases moisture retention while promoting cell renewal leaving skin elastic, hydrated and glowing.

Created using a medical grade material based on 3D nano fibres, the mask is 100% natural and hygienic. Soft to the touch, it easily follows the contours of the face generating an airtight seal for increased effectiveness and moisturising. Keep it in the fridge to increase the benefits of this cutting edge treatment. Ask about the mask for use after your next MedSpa Ibiza treatment to truly benefit from this miracle product.