Vitamindrip Energy Injection

There are three things we need to function at our optimal power: Good sleep, good food and smart exercise. It’s a very simple premise and yet so many of us struggle to provide ourselves with these basic things to feel good all the time. Schedules are brimming over, the needs of others take precedence, the mind overworks and anxiety takes control, we place high expectations on ourselves and strive to reach our goals while letting other things slide. Life is busy, things get in the way and the result can be devastating. Chronic tiredness, irritability, lack of energy, skin problems, lack lustre hair and nails, depression, insomnia, digestion issues… fatigue effects all areas of our lives.

When things get overwhelming, as they inevitably do – even for the most chilled out amongst us – you need to take immediate action to mitigate the ill effects of exhaustion. In those moments, general support for the body’s natural mechanisms is the fastest way to feeling better. And the most efficient way to get there is via intravenous vitamin therapy.

Vitamindrip’s Energy Injection formula is especially designed to support adrenal function and boost energy levels via a direct shot of essential vitamins, minerals and hydration. The blend contains six essential B Vitamins that promote energy production, protect immunity and support normal nervous system function. A good dose of amino acids improve circulation, digestive function and promote neurological health and longevity. Topped up with a healthy blast of minerals to calm nerves, increase energy, relieve muscle ache, promote enzyme production and metabolic activity, cognitive function and the formation of collagen.

In short, it’s exactly what you need if you are feeling low in energy or stressed out – treatments are available in our Marina Botafoch clinic or we can come direct to your villa, hotel or yacht to make it even easier for you.