Featured treatment: Ibiza Balance Massage – Lymphatic drainage

Most of us are aware of the body’s main systems and networks. But one system that very few people know about is the lymphatic system. Lymph is a fluid that contains infection fighting white blood cells throughout the body via a network of vessels and organs. Throughout this ingenious and complex system are lymph nodes, which act as a one stop deep cleansing station filtering out waste and toxins and providing a home for lymphocytes, which attack foreign bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells.

The network of delicate lymph nodes and vessels is the primary structure for the immune system. So, you can imagine how one might feel if the lymphatic system is clogged, fatigued and not working at its optimal powers. About 70-percent of the lymphatic vessels are found just beneath the surface of the skin so one of the best ways to ensure the system is functioning is via lymphatic drainage massage.

Anika Hölting, founder of Ibiza Balance, designed her lymphatic drainage massage to help people reach their health and wellbeing goals in an efficient and relaxing environment. The Ibiza Balance Lymphatic Drainage massage kickstarts your immunity and gets you feeling and looking better after the very first session. The smooth, rhythmical strokes stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging natural drainage of the vessels while also reducing cellulite, water retention and tissue swelling and promoting energy production.

With the summer in full force, a Lymphatic Drainage Massage from Ibiza Balance – our body treatment partners at MedSpa Ibiza – is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Clear out excess fluids and toxins while supporting your overall health and wellbeing, while the pure relaxation brought on by the massage is as good as a holiday in itself!