Experience Vitamindrip IV therapy

The human body is a complex and incredible organism. At every minute of the day it is doing exactly what it should without us even knowing. Right this minute there are messages going along neural pathways controlling everything from the movement of your eyes to your understanding of your environment. Your heart is pumping blood around the body, cells are delivering critical nutrients, and your muscles are working just as they should to support you in your chair and help you lift that coffee cup to your lips. Ah, and that’s the issue. Our bodies are a perfect creation but our lifestyles not so much. Life is just… too much fun.

Thankfully the body has some amazing internal systems to deal with whatever we throw at it but sometimes it all gets too much. An overindulgent night out, a slow recovery from a cold, skin issues, stress, fatigue and illness are all ways our body tries to tell us to slow down and take care. One of the best ways to give your system the boost it needs is via intravenous vitamin therapy.

Vitamindrip® is the leading provider of specialised intravenous micronutrient therapy and is available exclusively on the island at MedSpa Ibiza. Delivering a boost of essential minerals, vitamins and fluids directly into the blood stream means that none of those precious elements are lost. The body can immediately start absorbing and putting these essentials straight to work helping you look and feel better, faster.

Vitamindrip® offers three base treatments that can be customised depending on your needs. Vitamindrip® Hydration is popular amongst athletes and people suffering from the effects of chronic dehydration, in addition to giving your skin a glowing smoothness. Vitamindrip® Energy is great for an instant boost to body and mind helping to fight fatigue and lift your mood. Vitamindrip® Recovery is the perfect antidote to working or playing too hard and a great accompaniment for detoxing. Each treatment can be adjusted to suit your needs whether it’s an immunity or mood booster, a skin care shot or a detox shot.

A Vitamindrip® session lasts up to 45 minutes and can be administered at the sleek MedSpa Ibiza clinic or in the comfort of your home, hotel or yacht.