Nina’s picks: Sports and wellness

MedSpa Ibiza’s founder Nina Peter-Väth adores her adopted home for so many reasons. First and foremost it’s all about lifestyle. Ibiza has long been a beacon for wellness practitioners and there’s so much choice when it comes to keeping happy and healthy. The wonderful climate means that there is every reason to get out and about to rejuvenate both body and soul. Here are a few of her favourite ways to stay fit, healthy and happy while enjoying this beautiful island.

Yoga at Open Space: Open Space is a beautiful studio and workshop surrounded by tranquil pine forest near Santa Gertrudis. “They host a great variety of yoga classes as well as meditation, dance and spiritual seminars,” says Nina, who opts to practice yoga in the stylish, nature-inspired surrounds.

Pilates at Energii: In the very heart of Ibiza town, tucked away down a side street neat the bustling Plaza del Parque, the slick Energii studio offers Reformer Pilates, combining traditional methods with plenty of pure muscle work. It’s a high intensity workout that strengthens arms and legs and produces a lean, athletic shape. Nina confesses a healthy addiction to Karen’s Power Reformer class. “She’s such a lovely girl and a great trainer too.”

Outdoor sports: Being out and about in the great outdoors is one of Ibiza’s greatest pleasures – and it’s good for you too. Nina loves hiking (“especially in the winter months,” she says), as it’s the best way to really discover the natural beauty of Ibiza’s forests. There are so many lovely trails of varying difficulty across the whole island. Being out amongst the pine trees and wild herbs under a crisp blue sky is totally invigorating. Of course, Ibiza life is also all about water, and Nina loves to go paddle boarding on the clear and calm waters of Talamanca, simultaneously one of the best ways to exercise and have fun. SUP is awesome for legs, butt, abs and arms but the best thing about it is getting out onto the crystal blue sea and looking at the island from dolphin’s perspective.