Featured treatment: Stem Cell Facial

When it comes to the science of beauty MedSpa Ibiza is proud to be at the forefront of new technologies and techniques. The mesoestetic® stem cell treatment is scientifically designed to reverse cell degeneration, strengthen connective tissue and improve skin quality and texture.

Stem cells are found in all living organisms and are the essential mechanism that creates all other cells. They have three powerful properties: they are able to divide and renew themselves, they are unspecialised, and they create all other specialised cells. This means stem cells act as internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish damaged cells. They act like a cellular ambulance service inside the body. When activated to certain areas, such as the face, they will regenerate, replenish and revive.

The mesoestetic® stem cell treatment is made up of three factors. The first is a highly concentrated stem cell serum that intensively regenerates the cell structure of the skin, prolonging cell life and repairing deep wrinkles. A stem cell crystal fibre mask made from 100% natural, medical grade 3D nano-fibres follows the serum, allowing for a deeper penetration of the active ingredients into the dermal layers. The final step is a 50ml vial of stem cell active growth factor for application at home in the days following the treatment.

Reversing obvious signs of ageing is becoming more efficient every day.

Combining the mesoestetic® stem cell treatment as an anti-ageing addition to one of our other professional facial treatments is a highly effective way to give your face a blast of youthfulness. Your skin will look noticeably more hydrated, radiant and wrinkle free. The best thing of all? Results without surgery!

Cost: 120€ for a 60-minute treatment.