Product focus: Mesoestetic Radiance DNA

So much research has gone into deciphering human DNA to determine all sorts of things about our genetic inheritance. mesoestetic® has used the same technology and research to figure out how DNA is related to the health of our skin and, more importantly, how best to protect the skin on a cellular level.

Ageing, environmental stresses such as sun and wind plus oxidative stress (when the body struggles to detoxify free radicals) all weaken the internal structure of our skin. That’s why mesoestetic® created Radiance DNA, an extraordinary product range that helps protect and restore the skin’s cellular DNA. Each carefully calibrated product within the range contains [meso]recovery complex®, a unique combination of active substances selected for their antioxidant, protecting and restorative properties. [meso]recovery complex® uses biovectors to transmit these healing and protective properties directly to core of the skin’s cells. This is a revolutionary range.

Within the range two of the star products are the Radiance DNA Intensive Day Cream and Radiance DNA Elixir. The cream contains SPF15 and is a globally acting anti-aging cream that reactivates your skin’s vitality, strengthens the protective barrier and prevents moisture loss. It also stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid leaving skin bright, tight and firm. Used over time you will see a gradual decrease in wrinkles. The elixir is a highly regenerating anti-oxidant and nutritional treatment. It goes right to the cell’s metabolism to help reverse the effects of aging. The active ingredients are easily assimilated and contribute to a significant improvement in skin condition and texture.

Here at MedSpa Ibiza, we also offer a professional Radiance DNA anti-ageing treatment designed to effectively repair and protect DNA integrity and reactivate your skin’s vital functions. Best of all, you can continue to reap the benefits of this amazing treatment long after your session by following a customised mesoestetic® treatment plan you can use at home.