Featured treatment: Vampire Facelift

There is ageing and then there is ageing well. We all know what it is to grow older. We become wiser, more accepting and more forgiving. That’s doesn’t mean we have to accept dull or sun damaged skin. Here in Ibiza, our delicate facial skin is constantly assaulted by sun and wind (and the odd cocktail). No amount of sun protection and care can alleviate the adverse effects of a life lived on this beautiful island.

At MedSpa Ibiza we are dedicated to helping you to look and feel your best. That’s why we always select the newest and most effective technologies and products. We are the only clinic in Ibiza that offers the highly effective Vampire Facelift, a revolutionary treatment that restores shape, improves tone and texture and rejuvenates skin tissue. The results are faster and less intrusive than surgery, more effective than fillers and completely natural.

What is it? PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a way of using the body’s own natural defence mechanisms to enhance a youthful and refreshed skin tone and texture.

How does it work? Our highly experienced professional medical team extract your blood in the same way as a regular blood test. The blood is placed in a specialised centrifugal machine (the only one in Ibiza) where it is separated into plasma, serum and platelets. Platelets are used in the body to repair tissue injury and promote healing. When the nutrient rich platelets are injected directly back into the deeper dermal layers of the skin they release growth factors that help the body to stimulate and regenerate tissue promoting skin growth and collagen production.

What are the results? Your face will appear a little bit red for just under 24 hours but you will almost immediately see an improvement in shape, texture and tone. Skin will be plump and bright, lines and wrinkles will disappear and crepey areas under the eyes will be vastly improved. The treatments can also be used on hands, neck and wherever else your skin needs rejuvenating.

Fillers or Vampire Facelift? While synthetic fillers are hugely effective in diminishing lines and wrinkles they do nothing to improve skin tone or texture. By using the body’s natural defence systems, Vampire Facelift treatments provide excellent results in plumpness, texture and tone. There’s nothing more natural than your own blood!

Cost: 350€ for one session or 900€ for three sessions.