The MedSpa journey so far

As MedSpa Ibiza opens its doors for its second season in Ibiza, founder Nina Peter-Väth is reflecting on the journey so far. Nina’s vision for MedSpa Ibiza and Vitamindrip has always been to help people ‘reinvest’, or give back to, their bodies. “We all know how intense and draining Ibiza can become after some time,” she says. “Here at MedSpa we want to prevent our clients from getting sick, help them overcome horrible hangovers and just help them look and feel their best, always.”

Nina was first drawn into the world of health and wellness while living in Germany some years ago. “I had an exceptional doctor that treated me on many occasions with Micronutrient IV Therapy,” she explains. Whenever she would feel ill, or felt her immune system was low, the doctor would come directly to her house and deliver a ‘cocktail’ of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. “Not only did he help me instantly feel better, he also saved me from taking antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals many times,” she says.

Becoming a convert to the belief that the body can cure itself when fuelled with the right nutrition, Nina began to read up on preventative medicine and how to prevent chronic disease. It was one book in particular, ‘Detoxify or Die’ by Shery. A. Rogers, that taught her the power of antioxidants and how they work to protect cells and fight free radicals, thus slowing down the aging process.

“I was completely fascinated by this approach and from then on, I wanted to administer these antioxidants directly into my bloodstream on a regular basis.” It was at this time Nina came across a company called Vitamindrip, based in Toronto, who had successfully been practicing IV therapy globally for many years, with roots based in sports medicine. The brand’s worldwide franchise system inspired her to introduce the concept to Ibiza, and – with much planning, dedication, passion and the typical Spanish red tape and bureaucracy in relation to opening a business – MedSpa Ibiza came into creation.

From patient to promoter, Nina became the pioneer of IV Therapy on the island, in addition to introducing many other cutting edge health and wellness treatments. “It was and still is a great learning process,” she says of the experience. “Every day I learn something new about health, medicine and new treatments and I just love constantly reading and researching about it.”

Nina’s day-to-day role at MedSpa Ibiza is varied and busy. “I coordinate our medical team and their appointments, take care of promotions and PR, and liaise with patients and concierges. In the summer it can get very busy, and as we also offer mobile services to our customers in private villas, we have to be very flexible.” But rather than see it as a job, or hard work, Nina remains passionate about the clinic and its offerings and is looking forward to expanding the concept to include even more in 2016. “I think it will be an interesting season, with a lot of clients from all over the world.”

“The first year of any business is always a huge challenge, and I must say it feels much easier to open this year since I can now rely on a perfectly trained and motivated team,” she continues. “Our medical team and the Ibiza Balance team are always focused on finding new treatments for our clients. This year we are excited to offer Microneedling, in the field of medical facials and a special Detox Massage that incorporates acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue at the same time.”

Nina Peter-Väth