MedSpa Ibiza: Chemical Peelings

Anti-Ageing Package


Still available till the end of the month : Our exclusive Anti-Ageing Package 
Chemical peelings, Radiofrequency & Microneedeling will promote new collagen growth and give your skin a youthful flawless appearance.
Chemical peelings are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. The deep peel helps treat sun-damaged skin, eliminates deep, coarse wrinkles, and can remove pre cancerous growths.
Microneedling has proven to be an effective treatment of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, thereby given you improved, glowing and younger looking skin.
Radiofrequency leaves the skin healthier, brighter and cleansed of impurities.
We love to take care of you!
MedSpa Ibiza: Chemical Peelings


MedSpa Ibiza: Micropigmentation


Meet our Make Up Artist Patricia at MedSpa Ibiza. Specialised for more then 25 years in microblading, shading, powder brows, hair strokes, eyeliners, stardust eyeliners,lip contours and full lip design.



  • Eyeliner: Eyeliner under €190
  • Eyeliner above €220
  • Eyeliner above extra thick/ wide  €250
  • Eyeliner stardust €250€
  • Eyeliner under & above €340

MedSpa Ibiza: Micropigmentation



  • Lip contour €330
  • Full lips €500



  • Microblading/hairstrokes/powderbrows/shading €340

MedSpa Ibiza: Micropigmentation



  • Beauty spot/pimple €120
  • Refresh old pigmentation €145

All new treatments include one retouch. If a third treatment is necessary €65 will be charged extra.

For first consultation and bookings please contact us anytime !

MedSpa Ibiza: Energy Healer

Blue Energy Healing

Working with energy – Everything is energy.

Meet Paul , Energy Healer at MedSpa Ibiza

MedSpa Ibiza: Energy Healer

A session with me

At the beginning of each session there is time to check in and for me to find out how you feel and what may have been coming up recently, more often than not specifically what has happened in the last twenty four hours.

Sessions last forty five minutes but can sometime go longer depending on where I am guided to go and for how long on each body section.

I channel blue healing energy which when directed into varying body parts allows old memories, usually from the hidden unconscious memory, to be revisited, sometimes seen and transmuted or healed. Clients will often experience changes in heat, yawning, movement, tears and occasionally anger. All emotions are welcome and allowed as in the safe space that is provided, they are finally released.

Clients will often feel extremely tired or relaxed after as session as “stuff” that has been held for so long is removed or allowed to move on. The sessions, through the energy challenged, provide a space to let go of blocks that have been holding us back or preventing us to being our true self. You will feel different.

Healing yourself

It is important after a session that the healing work continues and I therefore guide you into taking up a daily meditation practice with ongoing mentoring –  for it is from within that we can truly see who we are as well as way to heal the wounds of past. I truly believe that we are able to heal ourselves from past trauma and physical body pain once internal energy blocks are seen and /or removed.  The awareness of the tucked away suppressed feelings and emotions is enough to start the healing journey. Our outward life journey is reflective of what is going on inside. Heal the inside and everything will start to fall in place, magic truly begins to happen.

I advise and offer two weekly half hour check-in sessions whereby we go over your meditation practise and what is coming up. At these discussions I am able to channel suggestions for you to consider and possibly to implement.

Follow up

A month after your initial blue energy healing you are able to return for another deeper session. This healing is now aided by your own meditation practise and the stillness and insights you have discovered.

My service to others

I am guided as an energy healer to help people overcome blocks from their earlier life and to enable them to see their own truth. This in turn enables them to go on to lead not only fulfilling and beautiful lives but also to assist all those around them. Where maybe there was once sadness, disconnection and pain there is now light, a glowing future and space for love to blossom. People truly to learn to love themselves and others.



Additional Informational


Energetic wounds

Throughout our life there are numerous times when our emotions and feelings have been suppressed or repressed and these then become locked away in our energy body. These are often then hidden away in our subconscious mind and forgotten about. Heavy trauma, especially from childhood, is often tucked away and left and very often not revisited or just ignored. This leads to energy wounding within ourselves. These wounds, often later in life, then become triggers and often lead us to behave in detrimental and what can often seem strange ways to both ourselves  and any observer. These wounds will often affect how we treat ourselves (often without kindness) and others who come along and trigger us. This energy or trauma wounds will also attract people into our life who replicate what happened to us in an early period of life. Often an abusive childhood experience will attract and allow another abusive (physical, vocal, mental etc) people later into our life .This is reflected in the old phrase of “like attracts like”. It can also lead to one expressing their wounds and pain onto others with no real reason and without thought. A journey into healing the emotional body starts with learning to love ourselves and channelled energy can aid in this process by removing the unseen parts which are stopping us from this path. It is a path of love.





MedSpa Ibiza: Beauty

How to reach healthy looking skin

The power of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is well known as pain relief and as a combination with other treatments such as Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Detoxification Massage, Anti-Cellulite Treatments or General Wellbeing.

MedSpa Ibiza: Cupping Therapy

The effect of Cupping

-The vacuum formed by Cupping draws up the old non-circulating stagnant blood and sticky fluids from the area, bringing them up to the surface and away from the injury, so that healthy free circulation can be restored to the affected area, thus creating space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients for faster recovery.

-Where there is dead, static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogenic factors, and toxins present in the body, Cupping can leave marks which indicates that the stagnation or disease has been moved from the deeper tissue layers to the surface.

-A vacuum is created within the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue into the cup. The produced vacuum creates a suction effect that increases blood and lymphatic circulation systemically and to the local area, relaxes muscle tissue and support, draws stagnation, pathogenic factors and toxins out of the body and releases a myriad of pain causing factors.


Forms of Cupping

  • Facial Cupping
  • Wellbeing Cupping
  • Pedi Cupping
  • Orthopedical Cupping
  • Abdominal Cupping
  • Thai Massage Cupping
  • Sports Massage Cupping
  • Sinusitis and Jaw
  • Detoxification Cupping
  • Lymphatic Drainage Cupping
  • Triggerpoint Massage Cupping
  • Myofascial Cupping


Massage Cupping

Is the combination of massage movements and negative pressure with the use of a suction device on the skin. A cup is positioned at the area to be treated and, depending  on the type of cups being used. The intended suction can range from light to heavy. This, along with the movements performed and areas treated by the therapist will produce stimulating (toning) or sedating (draining) effects.

MedSpa Ibiza: Cupping Therapy

Bruises after Cupping

The most common misunderstanding regarding one of the most powerful and beneficial after effects of Cupping, is the marks that sometimes result.  When injuries occur deep in the muscle, bleeding often occurs causing deep bruises. There will also be edema in the area involving the coagulation of sticky proteins. The combining presence of these elements usually results in stagnation of circulation to the area – resulting in pain, dysfunction, and chronic conditions.

 Once you understand what these marks are, and feel the results – the concerns disappear!


MedSpa Ibiza: Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial the newest non-invasive face treatment

HydraFacial is the only procedure that integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration, including Vortex-Fusion® of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. This non-invasive, non-irritating treatment produces beautiful outcomes in skin rejuvenation, and can also be taken as a series for improving skin tone, texture, breakouts and radiance.

MedSpa Ibiza: Hydrafacial

  •  Suitable for men and women of all ages, skin colours and types
  •  The ultimate skincare experience to achieve a flawless complexion
  •  Targets fine lines, acne, oily skin, hyperpigmentation and more

MedSpa Ibiza: Hydrafacial

Since last year we have the pleasure to treat our customers also in our new permanent location,
MEDSPA IBIZA, which is located in the heart of Botafoch and offers all of IBIZA BALANCE signature body treatments as well as micronutrient IV therapy performed by VITAMINDRIP ©.
Furthermore we are delighted to introduce you to the newest technology for facials.


Call or text us for your first visit!

MedSpa Ibiza: Sience behind solution

The science behind the solution

Having already cemented a reputation as the island’s go-to destination for those seeking innovative, medically-sound health and beauty treatments, the team at MedSpa Ibiza is striding firmly into summer 2018 with a renewed devotion to providing the very best remedies for each and every one of their dedicated clients’ requests. From ground-breaking facials to all manner of health-enhancing therapies, here, you can be sure you’re getting world-class service provided by highly-trained professionals. As the official home of renowned group of therapists, Ibiza Balance, you’ve got everything you need to look and feel your very best, all in one place.

Located in Ibiza’s bustling Marina Botafoch area, MedSpa Ibiza is a sleekly designed space, created specifically for delivering the world’s most cutting-edge developments in the health and beauty realm. Each of the pristine, polished rooms is dedicated to a particular treatment, and every specialist has an in-depth background in delivering medical-grade care. So while any time here leaves you feeling pampered, refreshed, and revived, you’re also aware that there’s real science behind the methods – an essential for modern-day wellness.

MedSpa Ibiza


Take VitaminDrip IV Therapy, for instance. Undoubtedly recognised as MedSpa Ibiza’s signature treatment, this is the only place on the island where you can receive this revolutionary therapy. Designed to give your body a quick, efficient boost it needs after a particularly long week, or if you are just generally feeling tired, it works by replenishing electrolytes and vitamins that have been lost by your body, seamlessly replacing them in a process that takes as little as 30 minutes. Often used by those suffering from sallow skin, stress, and dehydration, it’s the perfect pick-me-up pre or post holiday, and unsurprisingly, has proven to be one of MedSpa Ibiza’s most sought after offerings. There are custom blend VitaminDrip therapies designed for immunity boosting, hydtation, skincare, detox and much more, and your treatment will always be authorised by the in-house medical team at MedSpa Ibiza.


MedSpa Ibiza: Vitamindrip


Elsewhere, MedSpa Ibiza specialises in a variety of other high-tech treatments designed to suit every need. Those looking for an injection of radiance to the face should look no further than the Hydrafacial, a procedure that offers instant results with no downtime. Combining a unique combination of cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating, it works by infusing the skin with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The result is a deeply satisfying, clear complexion, with improved tone and texture, and a decrease in fine lines, breakouts and pigmentation. Naturally, a series of treatments can produce truly staggering results.


MedSpa Ibiza: Radiofrequency


For those unafraid of slightly more invasive therapies, there’s Microneedling. A procedure made made famous by the celebrity A-List and its effectiveness combined, this therapy involves using tiny needles to puncture the skin at its very deepest levels, in the process stimulating elastin and collagen, which then work in unison to deliver plumper, more glowing skin. The results are proven to be particularly effective in dealing with acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles – things we would all appreciate a little less of. Choose from a range of three targeted treatments, to really get to the crux of the problem you’re trying to address.


MedSpa Ibiza: Microneedling


Another radical series of treatments spearheaded by the MedSpa Ibiza team is Thalgo’s iBeauty. Coming in sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, each procedure is designed to deeply cleanse, removing impurities that leave the skin looking luminous. The latest generation of treatments from the highly-acclaimed Thalgo brand, it uses a combination of sound vibration, ultrasound and radio frequency – tuning into the industry’s most high-tech, scientific advancements to smooth wrinkles, firm tissue and leave you feeling as fresh-faced as a newborn.


MedSpa Ibiza: Radiofrequency


It’s not just skin and face the MedSpa Ibiza team specialise in – they can also help to hone and improve a myriad of other elements on the body. The VelaShape II for example, uses infrared light and radio frequency alongside a vacuuming process and massage to successfully shrink fat cells and tighten the skin. While this may sound like something from Star Trek, you can actually see proven results after only the first treatment, with some patients in clinical studies reporting an incredible surface reduction of 2.5cm in the area they had treated, not to mention generally smoother, silkier skin. You also have the ability to focus on specific troublesome areas, so if you’ve struggled to lose your love handles, or suffer from cellulite on the legs, this could well be an option for you.


MedSpa Ibiza: Velashape


These are just a few of the key treatments available at MedSpa Ibiza, and for anything else on the pampering spectrum, you can look to the Ibiza Balance treatment menu. Based at the spa, but providing treatments island-wide with their mobile service, Ibiza Balance are experts in their field. Offering a range of feel-good regimens that include lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and beauty treatments, among many other things, the team can provide everything you need in order to overhaul mind, body and soul, either at the spa itself, or in the comfort of your own home or holiday villa.


MedSpa Ibiza: Massages


On that note, there are special packages available throughout the whole of summer 2018, so you can curate your own MedSpa Ibiza package, dependent on your needs. Choose one dedicated solely to detoxing, beauty, or wellness, or mix and match by cherry-picking a handful of treatments that you feel will deliver optimum results for you. Buy six treatments, for example, and you get around a 10-percent discount, saving money and boosting your wellbeing in the process. So whether it’s prep for a summer holiday, revving up for a red carpet event taking some well-need down time after a stressful cycle of events, MedSpa Ibiza practice the science that sparks the solution.

MedSpa Ibiza: Velashape

Velashape – The body contouring machine

VelaShape contours, shapes and slims by improving cellulite and reducing volume


MedSpa Ibiza: Velashape

VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment that uses Radio frequency and infrared light energy along with vacuum and massage to shrink fat cells and tighten the skin. This system has revolutionized the body shaping market by achieving a smoother, silkier and more contoured appearance of the skin and body, safely and efficiently.

Gradual improvement can be seen following the first treatment, with the skin surface on the treated area feeling smoother and firmer. Body contouring result start from the second session and cellulite improvement is noticed from the forth session.

In clinical studies, patients report an average reduction of 2.5 centimetres post treatment. A recent study of postpartum patients showed 97% patient satisfaction.

MedSpa Ibiza: Velashape

DOES IT HURT?                   

Most patients find VelaShape comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage. The treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours post treatment. Your skin may also appear red for several hours.

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. There are no reported short or long-term health effects.



Experience Vitamindrip IV therapy